Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Text Analytics

3 Trends in Cognitive Search and Discovery | March 7th, 2pm ET

In a recent article, Attivio CEO Stephen Baker offered his predictions for the industry in 2017, reflecting Attivio’s perspective on customer challenges, analyst input, and technology innovation.

More successful companies will increasingly deploy modern, cognitive solutions that incorporate a global, semantic understanding of their information. Under the hood, this means:

  • Machine Learning – Act with greater certainty, reduce the necessity of human relevance tuning
  • Natural Language Processing – Transform productivity, increase the visibility of information and the precision of answers
  • Text Analytics – Expand the impact of your insight, get the most from every data element in every source

Join us on Tuesday, March 7th at 2pm ET for a live webinar featuring Stephen and CTO Will Johnson to learn how these critical trends are driving innovation and transforming productivity in enterprises like yours.


March 7th, 2PM ET

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