Featuring Search Industry Analyst, Seth Grimes

Cognitive Search, at Enterprise Scale

By 2018, more than 90% of search will involve structured and unstructured data. (Findwise, 2016)

Increasingly, Enterprise Search pros and end users are expecting answers faster. Combine this with the emergence of conversational interfaces, and this expectation will push solutions to be genuinely cognitive. As a result, more than one-third of surveyed organizations plan to replace search technology within two years.

Do your search solutions correlate across all evidence sources and search across multiple silos with a single query?

Do your professionals spend less time gathering evidence and more time weighing insight? This is how unified, agile, and cognitive search reduces cost and improves accuracy.

Watch Seth Grimes, search industry analyst and CEO of Alta Plana Corporation, to learn,SethGrms.jpg

  • What capabilities can make search ‘cognitive’
  • How data unification and best practices are changing search
  • How competition is re-focusing upon text analytics and exploration
  • What capabilities you should seek in a provider



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