Users Expect Relevant Results. It’s Time to Deliver.

How Machine Learning Drives Context for Cognitive Search| March 29th, 2pm ET

30-Minute Webinar & Demo

Users want more than just results from their search queries. They want their search tool to “understand” what their queries mean based on context. Machine learning enables cognitive systems to learn, reason and engage with us in a more natural and personalized way.

How do machine learning and cognitive search improve productivity for your business? Search is the new, smarter way to handle data and content curation. Improved relevance translates to faster search results and better business outcomes across the line.

Join us on Wednesday, March 29, at 2pm ET for a live 30-minute webinar featuring Jane Zupan, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, and Brian Flynn, Senior Solutions Consultant at Attivio.

Learn how machine learning works in the Attivio Cognitive Search and Insights Platform, see the demo, and bring your questions for the Q&A.


March 29th, 2PM ET

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