Maximize Your Customer Experiences | Wed. July 11, 2pm ET

Why You Need NLP in Customer Support

Google, Siri, Alexa and other virtual assistants have forever changed the way people ask question and expect to receive answers, both at work and in their personal lives. Instead of stringing together a series of perfectly-picked keywords, they use natural language questions and expect specific answers back.

In customer support situations, being able to offer a natural language experience is particularly critical to delivering a great customer experience. That’s where Natural Language Processing (NLP) comes in. NLP helps customer support in two key areas:

  • Ingestion – tagging and understanding content as it’s indexed
  • Query – understanding user intent from a natural language question

This 30-minute webinar will explore these facets of NLP in more detail, and showcase NLP in action through a live demo.

Register now to hear Attivio VP of R&D, Dorit Zilbershot, explain all the details.

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