A Practical Guide to Enhancing Search in ServiceNow® for Your Whole Enterprise

Unlock the true power of AI in ServiceNow®

As HBR states, “the biggest problem with analyzing data is often accessing it.” Learn how to break down existing data silos to gain a unified view of all your data in ServiceNow.

In this 30-minute webcast, “A Practical Guide To Enhancing Search in ServiceNow for Your Whole Enterprise,“ Shea Laughlin (Solution Strategist INRY) and Matt DiCecca (Product Marketing Manager, Attivio) discuss:

  • The challenges faced today finding the most relevant answer within ServiceNow
  • How leveraging AI technologies like machine learning and NLP and text analytics can transform the overall ServiceNow ITSM, HR and CSM experience for employees and customers
  • The power of breaking down silos of information for a unified view of all your data through ServiceNow

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