Completing the Chatbot Puzzle: AI-Powered Answers

Chatbots are appearing everywhere in business. They’re available 24/7. Act fast. And your end users appreciate their interactive nature, flexibility and speed.

While chatbots are prevalent, they have yet to fully live up to their full promise of providing timely answers to a wide range of questions. The problem: most of today’s chatbots lack the ability to provide answers that are accurate, relevant, and contextual.

Join Attivio’s solutions architect, Zuzana Giertlova for a 30-minute discussion about why AI-powered search is the missing piece of the chatbot productivity puzzle.

Major themes discussed are:

  • The current state of chatbots in the enterprise
  • Adding AI-powered answers and insights and the technology behind it
  • Real world chatbot use cases that can be improved with AI-powered answers and insights

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